Featured Restaurants of the Week from across Alhambra

Gen Korean BBQ

January 29 to February 4

Gen Korean BBQ started in 2005 in Los Angeles and has gradually expanded worldwide. The satisfying All-You-Can-Eat (AYCE) KBBQ experience includes fresh meats, seafood, and vegetables. The vibrant atmosphere and fusion recipes make it a go-to spot for food lovers.

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine

February 5 to February 11

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine, established in 2004, is committed to providing authentic gourmet Chinese cuisine at affordable prices. Serving large portions of traditional dishes, live seafood, dim-sum, and more, there is something for all.

Pho Saigon Pasteur

February 12 to February 18

Pho Saigon Pasteur is a haven for pho enthusiasts, offering a menu featuring the best of Vietnamese cuisine. From the moment you step inside, the inviting ambiance and the fragrant aroma of simmering broth set the stage for a delightful dining experience. Outdoor seating is available. Closed Mondays.

Xing Fu Tang

February 19 to February 25

Xing Fu Tang specializes in handmade brown sugar boba and milk tea. The shop carefully crafts each drink with organic, healthy ingredients, so that its boba can be both tasty and nutritious. Hailing from Taiwan, this cafe features an open kitchen concept where boba pearls are freshly handmade hourly.

Johnny Rockets

February 26 to March 3

Johnny Rockets is your go-to place for classic American burgers, sides, and shakes. The eatery exudes nostalgia with its 1950s-themed decor, complete with checkered floors and retro jukeboxes. It also has a plant-based lineup that features vegan burgers, cheese, and ice cream. New in Alhambra!