Wendy’s Alhambra


Located along Alhambra’s Valley Boulevard, Wendy’s stands as the city’s newest addition to its classic fast-food establishments.

Since its inception in 1969, the Wendy’s brand has adhered to its commitment to quality done quickly. From breakfast options cooked with fresh-cracked eggs and oven-baked bacon to fries that meet the ideal combination of hot and crispy, Wendy’s has been consistently catering to its patrons for years. Whether it’s the fun of a Wendy’s Kids Meal, savoring the spice of nuggets, or slurping the iconic Frosty, customers are assured a high-quality meal. To this day, it’s easy to taste the difference in quality that defines Wendy’s menu.

For those seeking convenience, online ordering through the Wendy’s app unveils a world of rewards waiting to be claimed. The company continues to modernize in myriad ways while maintaining the classic grilled burgers and other meals that people love.

So, when faced with the choice of where to satisfy your cravings fast and easy, choose Wendy’s on Valley Boulevard and enjoy our latest Restaurant of the Week!

Recommended Items

Mediterranean Chicken Salad

Succulent grilled chicken meets a juicy blend of tomatoes and red onions atop fresh, crisp mixed greens. Crumbled feta cheese and olives elevate the Mediterranean-inspired ensemble.

Dave’s Burger

An iconic masterpiece named after the founder himself. Sink your teeth into a premium beef patty cooked to perfection and stacked with fresh, crisp lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and crunchy dill pickles—all nestled between a warm, toasted bun.



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