Free Spirited


Free Spirited is a bar that isn’t tied down by cultural norms. As the first alcohol free cocktail bar in Southern California, Alhambra’s newest hangout spot is a haven for those who enjoy delicious, well-made craft drinks but want to stay sober.

Founded by  Amber Pennington, Free Spirited embraces the belief that a good time need not be accompanied by alcohol. Upon entering Free Spirited, patrons are greeted by an ambiance that seamlessly blends elegance with style. Luxurious and comfortable booths, adorned with tasteful lighting, provide an elevated but cozy experience.

Free Spirited takes pride in offering more than just a lounge; it’s a hub of entertainment for all. Multiple games and creatively designed coloring books (not just for kids!) ensure that every visitor finds a source of joy and amusement. The lounge caters to diverse interests, creating an inclusive space for anyone to unwind.

Leading the charge in the beverage department is Bar Director Arleo De Guzman, who has meticulously curated a drink menu that leaves no room for compromise. Every aspect of each handmade drink is carefully considered to create an enjoyable drinking experience. Patrons seeking a sober rendition of their favorite classic cocktails need look no further—Arleo is ready to cater to every palate.

Head Chef Amber Pennington takes charge of the culinary offerings at Free Spirited, offering a menu that goes well above and beyond the typical bar fare. After all, how many pubs have curry, tacos, and caviar all under one roof? Fully gluten-free and ranging from pescatarian to vegan options, the menu is a testament to the diversity of healthy choices available.

Free Spirited Alhambra finds its home within the historic Caramba building and is styled as a speakeasy—touches that add intrigue to the venue. This carefully chosen location symbolizes the fusion of history and innovation, offering patrons a unique and unforgettable experience.

Free Spirited has not only redefined the concept of a lounge but has also set a new standard for alcohol-free social spaces. Amber Pennington’s vision has materialized into a haven that celebrates sobriety without compromising on elegance, entertainment, or flavor.

As the first of its kind in California, Free Spirited stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of socializing, proving that a good time is not synonymous with alcohol. Make plans to visit Alhambra’s Restaurant of the Week!

Recommended Items

Hongo Asado Tacos

Marinated minced mushroom “meat” served on house-made thick masa tortillas, topped with micro greens, pickled red onions, and served with a lime wedge.

Tofu Kare Kare

Rich and robust Filipino dish! Made from sunflower butter, so those with peanut allergies may enjoy. Stir in the Bagoong if you want an extra flavor kick!


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